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Town of Fort Sheridan / Highwood

The Town of Fort Sheridan, the first new community to join the lakefront list in over 100 years, is located just north of Highland Park and is the former site of a United States military base that was closed in 1993. A portion of the property remains a Reserve training center but the rest has been refurbished and re-developed as single family and attached housing to create the Fort Sheridan community.  The community sits along Lake Michigan and is adjacent to a Forest Preserve offering trails for biking, hiking and cross country skiing.


There are many trails, beaches, bird watching, and parks in and around Fort Sheridan. A scenic destination, this stately preserve offers a variety of opportunities to recreate in nature. Fort Sheridan is one of only a few places in Lake County that offer free public access to Lake Michigan and an awe-inspiring lake overlook perched on a 70-foot-high bluff. Known for its pristine natural areas and excellent birdwatching, Fort Sheridan is home to several rare species not found elsewhere in the region. The preserve’s savanna, ravines and lakefront location allows visitors to observe one of North America‚Äôs busiest flyways for migratory birds. At least 236 species of birds have been seen here.


The Town of Fort Sheridan is located within school Districts 112 (elementary) and 113 (high school), both of which are award winning districts well known for their excellence.


Drive time to the Loop is about 1 hour; O’Hare Airport is a 30-minute drive; while a drive to Midway takes roughly an hour via I-294/I-290. Metra commuters can board the train at the Old Elm/Fort Sheridan station or the nearby Highland Park station which the ride to downtown Chicago taking a little over an hour.

Market Report & Listings
Population (2010 census): 5,405
Square Mileage: .36